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International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Basic information

How does the check work ? Basicly it is a modulo function. The implementation here is done with javascript. So it runs already on your system ! Take a look at the code: (last update: 2018-12-07)   » translation »

Want to offer this check on your site ? No problem ! Add this to your page and enjoy.

  ...your code...
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
  lngg = 2; //language 1 deutsch, 2 english, 3 italiano, 4 norsk, 5 french, 6 polski, 7 romanian
  ...your code...
// -->
<SCRIPT charset="utf-8" src="">
  ...your code...
  ...your code...
  <FORM name="yourformname"><SCRIPT language="JavaScript">rwt(5);</SCRIPT><BR>
    <INPUT name="yourinputname" type="text" size="35">&nbsp;
    <INPUT type="button" value="Check IBAN" onclick="checkiban(yourformname.yourinputname.value);"> 
  ...your code...

You can also use <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">listcountries(3,2,"y","path/");</SCRIPT> (with parameters columns,language,show_images(y,n),path_to_images_with_/_at_end)
and <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">doexplain(2);</SCRIPT> (with parameter language)
to list the country names for additional length check and add some expaining text, as we do on our page Online check. The table tags comes with different classes, so you can adjust the layout to your page using css stylesheet directives.
table class="tbg5ct"; tr class="tbg5crt"(title) or "tbg5crl"(lines); td class="tbg5cdt"(title) or "tbg5cdc"(country code) or "tbg5cdf"(country flag) or "tbg5cdn"(country name); span class="tbg5eray"(regulation applies) or "tbg5eran"(regulation applies not).
And at the end <SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT> provides you the date of last update.

Please add a link to our page like Checking script (last update: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">document.write(lastcheckupdate);</SCRIPT>) by TBG 5 <A href="" title="Basic information on IBAN check" target="_blank">IBAN check</A>


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