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Data Protection

The pages of this domain are not collecting personal data nor using cookies,
some of this domains sub pages are utilising Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an online advertising service of "Google" (Google Inc.). Google AdSense utilise "cookies" (special text files), that are stored on the computer of the user allowing the analysis of website use. Google AdSense also utilise "web beacons" (unvisible images). These web beacons are allowing the analysis of users trafic on this domains web pages. Information generated by cookies and web beacons about this domains web page use -including the IP-Address of the user- and information about advertising formats delivered to the user of this domains web pages are transmitted to servers of Google located in the USA and are stored on these servers. The Information transmitted can be shared by Google with Google partners. Google will not match the IP-Address of a user with other stored data of the user.

Users can prevent the installation of cookies of Google AdSense in different ways: Note: The later two ways are deleted when deleting the cookies of Google or advertisement providers, as the selected options are stored in these cookies.

More information about data protection and cookies for advertisement from Google AdSense can be found in the data protection policies of Google and DAA.
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