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UN/CEFACT TBG Working Group 5 Finance Domain


... to the web site of TBG5, the UN/CEFACT International Trade & Business Processes Group (TBG)'s Working Group responsible for the Finance-related business domain.

Although our activity does include a significant part of the typical dialogue between financial institutions, our main focus lies on the communication between banks and their customers, such as corporations, governmental bodies, etc. covering financial transactions and/or the financial aspect of commercial transactions.

With the aim of creating end-to-end straight-through processing (E2E STP) conditions, data exchange requirements must be identified from all the parties involved in each business transaction, as viewed in its entirety rather than in the distinct phases through which it may be carried out.

Therefore the participation of several actors from different business domains is required and TBG5 is perhaps the Working Group which has inherently the need to link with most economic sectors in the global market, and the task to ensure harmonisation with the financial side of the various businesses.

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